5 Must-Have Waterproof Gadgets When Paddle Boarding

waterproof gadgetsIt’s summertime, and you know what that means. Get that paddle board out and head to the water!

Whether you’re a pro paddler or just starting out, it’s important to make sure you’ve got top notch gear for having a blast on the water.

Besides the basics of your board and paddle, you’ll want to have everyday essentials when boarding across that gleaming lake surface. These include an assortment of waterproof gadgets that will maximize your fun factor and keep your safety a priority.

Check out our list of must-have gadgets you’ll want to put in your bag for your next paddle boarding adventure.

5 Must-Have Waterproof Gadgets When Paddle Boarding

1. Electronics case

Chances are if you’re heading out to paddle board, you’ll want to take your electronics with you. Most often this means a cell phone, iPod, or other communication devices. But instead of getting in the habit of keeping these in the car or on the shore, why not take them with you?

There are many reasons why you might want to have electronics with you while you’re on the water. Safety is number one. Especially if you’re taking part in an extensive paddle boarding adventure, you’ll want to have a way to call for help or at least get in touch with the right person if the time comes.

A paddle boarding adventure is always better with music. Having your iPod at hand can put the groovy back into your SUP afternoon, especially if you plan on boarding with a group of friends.

Don’t forget the camera! You’ll definitely want to take pics of those amazing scenes you’re leisurely paddling by, or take group shots if you’re out on the water with friends.

Whatever your electronic needs may be, think about investing in a waterproof electronics case. There are many different kinds and styles of cases out there. When you’re starting your search, look specifically for electronics cases that are designed for stand up paddle boarding.

That’s right–they do make these!

You’ll even be able to choose the case based off of what you want to keep dry. There are camera specific cases, for example, or ones designed solely for your iPod. When looking for waterproof electronics cases, definitely choose quality over anything else. Read customer reviews and contact the company to ensure they really mean waterproof.

It’s also advisable to choose something that is light and attaches somehow to your paddle board, attire, or deck bag. You don’t want to go through all that trouble of finding a case only to lose it in the water!

Recommended models for these waterproof gadgets include the Aquapac Whanganui case or any option from Dry Pak.

2. Waterproof lighting system

Like to board at night or dawn? What about in exotic places that are shaded by groves of trees?

A waterproof lighting system is your answer. When it comes to waterproof gadgets, this is one of the most important things out there to add to your list. While the styles and types vary, a general waterproof lighting system acts like a reflector on a bicycle: it allows others to see you to ensure your safety.

The other added benefit is that you can see where you’re going, no matter where you want to paddle. With a lighting system, the types of adventures that open up are endless!

Most of these lighting systems are LED and can attach as a vertical strip along your paddle board or as a circular addition to your board. Some stick right on top of your board or even underneath, creating an underwater glow that will spice up any paddle boarding evening.

With most waterproof lighting systems for stand up paddle boarding, you’ll have a host of colors to choose from and multiple modes depending on light projection and needs.

When you are choosing your waterproof lighting system, look for one that comes with a travel bag for easy transport. It’s also encouraged to find products with warranties, high customer reviews, and replaceable materials.

Luckily, because these are likely going to be LED systems, you’re already investing in a high-quality bulb that has an extensive lifetime.

We recommend checking out Surfstow’s amazing set-ups, or these Northern Lights SUP and Kayak Lighting Systems.

3. Deck bag

This is essential when it comes to waterproof gadgets that are necessary for all of your paddle boarding needs. A deck bag goes hand in hand with an electronics case as a go-to place to keep all of your valuables, provisions, and gear on hand.

If you’re thinking about going out on long tours with your paddle board and/or with a group of adventurers, you’ll definitely be needing a deck bag to keep your essential items in. Most high-quality models will be waterproof and have built-in pockets and sections for water, food, car keys, and other gear.

Your deck bag should be lightweight and easily carried when on land. It should also be accessible while you are paddle boarding, so look for models that attach to your board securely.

Don’t forget style! Luckily you have lots to choose from when it comes to waterproof deck bags for stand up paddle boarding. Pick out a style and color that matches your own paddle board. Once again, we recommend choosing high-quality bags over cheaper, lower-quality bags.

Investigate the material of the deck bag you have in mind. Make sure it’s waterproof and suited for your gear needs.

For trusted and true models, look at Paddle North SUP deck bags, or BIC Sport SUP deck bags.

4. Stand up paddle board lock

If you’re a paddle boarding aficionado, chances are you don’t want to lose all of that awesome gear you’ve acquired, in addition to the amazing waterproof gadgets on this list.

Don’t let it all go to someone else. Keep your board locked with a useful waterproof board lock. These function just like a typical bike lock, letting you attach your board to anything that’s stationary. A shed, a bench, even a trash can will do.

Why do you want it to be waterproof? Think about those longer touring days you’re planning with your board, especially those adventures that will take you to popular beaches or takeouts. Don’t cut your adventure short with a board loss.

If you invest in a solid deck bag, you can easily stow your paddle board lock in that. Look for models that are lightweight but secure. We recommend anything from DocksLocks to be a safe bet in this regard.

5. Camera

You may be making memories while you’re paddle boarding, but are you capturing them all?

Don’t let all of that awesome fun go to waste. Bring along one of the most useful waterproof gadgets out there on your next trip across the water: a waterproof camera.

There are many routes you can take here. Obviously, a lot of hardcore stand up paddle boarders go for the Go Pro route. Certainly, this cam is rad when it comes to racking up lots of cool, in-your-face footage to share later with family and friends.

If the Go Pro is out of your price range–and for most people, it really is–then check out other equally great models that will survive any trip through the water and still manage to capture all of your boarding moments.

When you’re looking for one of these waterproof gadgets, look for cameras that are light and fit easily into your electronics case and/or deck bag. Also look for models that come with a strap so that you don’t accidentally lose that bad boy in the water!

It’s really important to check out warranties here if you’re shopping around with different brands. You’re going to want to look for a camera that can survive a hurricane if you’re an avid paddle boarder. For more leisurely boarders, a good few years’ warranty can’t hurt.

Thankfully there are a lot of fantastic brands out there that have some great waterproof models on the market. But you can’t beat anything put out by Olympus or Canon.

Other Things to Keep in Mind for Paddle Boarders

Having amazing waterproof gadgets to enhance your paddle boarding experience is one thing. Don’t forget about other important waterproof items to add to your list of paddle boarding gear, including the right paddle board.

Your paddle board is everything, which is why we want to mention a few key factors to keep in mind when choosing one. Besides, all of these waterproof gadgets will go to waste if you don’t have your basic foundation: a solid board.

Here are things to look for when shopping for the right paddle board:


You can choose between a lot of different styles of paddle boards, but they basically come down to two main types of construction.

You can go for an inflatable board for a cheaper and lighter route. This is really great for people looking for higher portability in their stand up paddle boards.

Your other option is to buy a solid board. You can expect greater performance out of these boards, although they will be less portable than inflatable boards.


Just like skis and surfboards, paddle boards will differ by length.

Things to keep in mind when deciding on length will be the type of performance you’re looking to get out of your board, and how easily you’ll want to maneuver your board in the water.

Width and Thickness

Just like the board’s length, its width and thickness will go a long ways in changing up how your board takes to the water.

Ask yourself how stable you want your board to be, and what you’ll want to accomplish when your paddle boarding. If you’re going the yoga route, you’ll definitely want a more solid board with a greater width, length, and thickness to support those amazing warrior poses.

Keep in mind that boards will vary based off of what weight and volume they can support. Some boards, for example, can hold up to seven people. Others are meant for more solo journeys.

Support for Accessories

This whole post is about waterproof gadgets that will suit your paddle boarding needs. You’ll want to make sure you find a board that can support the extras and accessories you’ll want to take with you on your next adventure.

Accessories can include bungee straps or points that will enable you to tie down your gear (especially that deck bag you’ve been eyeing). More rugged paddle boards will tend to be outfitted with these necessities already.

Don’t forget to find the right paddle as well, in addition to your board. You’ll want a paddle to match the board (and your size).

SUP with Waterproof Gadgets

Having the right waterproof gadgets for paddle boarding can mean the difference between an amazing adventure and a subpar paddle across the lake. It can also ensure your safety, no matter what waters you aim to paddle. And when it comes to paddle boarding, safety should be number one next to fun.

If it’s time for a paddle boarding upgrade, think about looking at electronics cases, waterproof earbuds, and deck bags. These are all essential for keeping your most important electronics safe and dry, bringing good tunes back onto the scene, and carrying all of your necessary items and gear with you on your adventure across the water.

Cameras and lighting systems are suitable for any paddle boarder in any season or climate. Lighting systems are great for boarders wanting to keep up the sport on larger bodies of water and at darker times of the day or evening. Cameras can capture your most exciting adventures and enable you to share your SUP finesse with friends and family.

At Paddleboard Thrills, we’ve got your back when it comes to stand-up paddle boarding gear and necessities. Check out our extensive reviews of top of the line products that will elevate your next paddle boarding adventure, or scroll through our advice and pro-tips for having the best and safest time out there on the water.

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