5 Paddle Board Fishing Tips

paddle board fishing

Paddleboarding is a great way to get out on the water.

You can take paddle boarding to the next level with paddle board fishing.

Paddle board fishing allows you to see the fish in a new way. Plus, you’ll get to fish in a totally new way.

Before you get out on the water, here are five paddle board fishing tips to keep in mind.

1. Make sure you have the proper equipment for paddle board fishing

Don’t get caught on the water without the proper equipment.

You won’t have much room on your paddle board to carry a ton of equipment.

But you should make sure you have the appropriate equipment to get the job done.

Some things you will definitely need to be successful on the water:

Paddle Board

This is kind of obvious. But you want to make sure you’re using a paddle board that is sturdy enough to support you on the water.

Choose a sturdy paddle board that has a sturdy, square tail. You’ll want to make sure that the board you have or choose to purchase is wide enough to give you room to cast.

You’ll also be hauling a bit of equipment, so you want to make sure there is enough room for everything you need.

There are a lot of boards that are manufactured specifically for paddle board fishing. So if you don’t already have a paddle board, you may want to check these out.

Once you’ve found the right board for you, make sure that you’re transporting it correctly.

Damage to the board can occur when it is not transported correctly. Make sure you’re protecting your paddle board by carefully strapping it to car or truck racks.


Imagine forgetting an anchor before you head out onto the water. It just simply won’t work!

You’ll need an anchor to hold you in place once you’ve found your ideal spot.

Make sure the anchor’s rope is suitable for the deepness of the water you’re fishing in.

You should probably prepare this before you head out on the water.

Fishing Equipment

This may be obvious.

But you have to make sure that you have the proper fishing equipment for paddle board fishing.

Some things you’ll need:

  • Fishing rods
  • Cast net
  • Bait bucket
  • Tackle

Additional Necessities

Aside from the usual fishing gear, you may need additional items to help you along.

These items include:

  • Cooler for water
  • Some light snacks (You are going to be using a lot of energy!)
  • Pocket knife
  • Extra rope
  • Boots or extra shoes
  • Rod holder

2. Make sure you know how you’re getting in and out of the water

It’s best to come up with a plan before you actually hit the water.

Whether or not you’re familiar with the area you’re fishing in, make sure you scan your surroundings.

You never know what may occur once you get in the water.

It’s a great precaution to know how you’re going to get out of the water without damaging your board. You should also make sure your exit is safe.

3. Prepare your pole

If it’s your first time paddle board fishing, you may be nervous to paddle while you’re holding your fishing pole.

To make sure you have easy access to your rod, create hooks on your cooler or bucket for easy access.

That way, if you see a fish you don’t need to try and multitask paddling and grabbing your pole.

There are also really great tools that can help you keep your line ready to go.

A lot of paddle board manufacturers give you the option to purchase accessories for holding your fishing pole in place.

You can also create your own fishing pole holders by using PVC pipes and attaching them to your cooler.

Bungee cords have also been used to keep your pole in place on your board.

4. Pay attention to your paddle

Learning how to juggle using your paddle while also scoping out your next prey can be daunting.

Especially if you are a newbie.

One of the best tips is to make sure that your paddle isn’t scaring off the fish.

It really is personal preference on how you keep your paddle once you grab your pole. And it may require a little practice.

Some paddle board fishermen will concoct a way to keep their paddle on the board as they grab their pole.

One way is to tie a rope around your waist and keep the paddle on the other end of the rope. This way you can keep your paddle near you at all times without losing it in the water.

5. Allow yourself to hop off

If you’re new to paddle board fishing, you may not be aware that you can hop off the board and wade into the water.

But in order to prevent your board from frightening the fish away, you should get off your board and wade over.

If you decide to go wade fishing, make sure that you have a pair of wader boots, just in case.

If you don’t have wader boots, an old pair of tennis shoes works great.

You want to protect yourself from whatever is at the bottom of the water.

It’s also imperative that you keep an extra rope on hand so you can tie up your board. This will prevent your board from floating away.


Paddle board fishing is a popular new sport that is relatively easy to do.

Once you’ve gathered control of how to use the paddle board, you’re good to go.

Just make sure that you have the proper equipment before you set off.

You should also make sure you have a plan for how you’ll enter and exit the water.

Like any new hobby, you’ll find things that will work better for you than others. It’s simply about trial and error.

If you are interested in paddle boarding, and need some additional tips, take a look at reviews of the different types of paddle boards.

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